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Revista de Investigación Clínica - Clinical and Translational Investigation is the official journal of the National Institutes of Health of Mexico, which comprises a group of Institutes and High Specialty Hospitals belonging to the Ministry of Health.

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Revista de Investigación Clínica - Clinical and Translational Investigation published both online and in printed version, appears bimonthly, and publishes peer-reviewed original research articles as well as brief and in-depth reviews. All articles published are open access and immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download. 


Vol.71 Num.2

Volume 71, Number 2

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David E. Meza-Sánchez, José L. Maravillas-Montero
Clinical and Biomedical Applications of Surface Plasmon Resonance Systems

Brief Communications:

Luis F. Pérez-García, Luis H. Silveira, Mariana Moreno-Ramírez, Javier Loaiza-Félix, Vijaya Rivera, Luis M. Amezcua-Guerra
Frequency of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Mexican Patients with Rheumatic Diseases Determined by Self-Administered Questionnaires Adapted to the Spanish Language

Original Article:

Yangjun Li, Yujie Li, Kanghai Wang
Bursectomy in Gastric Cancer Surgery: A Meta-Analysis

Manlio F. Márquez, José Manuel Fragoso, Daniel Pérez-Pérez, Iris Cázares-Campos, Armando Totomoch-Serra, Jorge Rafael Gómez-Flores, Gilberto Vargas-Alarcón
Polymorphisms in B-Adrenergic Receptors Are Associated with Increased Risk to Have a Positive Head-Up Tilt Table Test in Patients with Vasovagal Syncope

Viridiana A. De la Torre-Saldaña, Miguel Ángel Gómez-Sámano, Francisco Javier Gómez-Pérez, Juan Rosas-Saucedo, Andrés León-Suárez, Mariana Grajales-Gómez, Jorge Oseguera-Moguel, Arturo Vega- Beyhart, Daniel Cuevas-Ramos
Fasting Insulin and Alanine Amino Transferase, but not FGF21, Were Independent Parameters Related with Irisin Increment after Intensive Aerobic Exercising

Letter to the Editor:

I. De Boer, A.M.J.M. Van den Maagdenberg, G.M. Terwindt, Nancy Monroy-Jaramillo, Aurelio Cerón, Elizabeth Córdoba-Lanús, Verónica Rivas, Adriana Ochoa-Morales, María Georgina Arteaga-Alcaraz, Fausto Carlos Nocedal-Rustrian, Cecilia Gallegos, María Elisa Alonso-Vilatela, Teresa Corona, José Flores
Letter to the Editor