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Revista de Investigación Clínica - Clinical and Translational Investigation publishes original clinical and biomedical research of interest to physicians in internal medicine, surgery, and any of their specialties.

Revista de Investigación Clínica - Clinical and Translational Investigation is the official journal of the National Institutes of Health of Mexico, which comprises a group of Institutes and High Specialty Hospitals belonging to the Ministry of Health.

Revista de Investigación Clínica - Clinical and Translational Investigation has an Editorial Committee composed of international European and American leaders to aid in the selection of subjects and experts.

Revista de Investigación Clínica - Clinical and Translational Investigation is a bimonthly journal, released both online and in printed version, which publishes peer-reviewed original research articles as well as brief and in-depth reviews. All articles published are open access and immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.  

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Vol.74 Num.4

July - August,
Volume 74, Number 4

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Brief Communication:

Eric Ochoa-Hein, Patricia E. Leal-Morán, Karen A. Nava-Guzmán, Abril T. Vargas-Fernández, José F. Vargas-Fernández, Fabricio Díaz-Rodríguez, Joel Armando Rayas-Bernal, Ricardo González-González, Pavel Vázquez-González, Martha A. Huertas-Jiménez, Sandra Rajme-López, Pilar Ramos-Cervantes, Violeta Ibarra-González, Luis A. García-Andrade, Fernando Ledesma-Barrientos, Alfredo Ponce-de-León, José Sifuentes-Osornio, Arturo Galindo-Fraga
Significant rise in SARS-CoV-2 reinfection rate in vaccinated Hospital workers during the omicron wave: A prospective cohort study

Original articles:

Lingyan Zhang, Yanhua Zhang, Jianbo Zhou, Yongfang Wang, Haihong Wang, Mei Huang, Qiulan Yu, Qi Sun
LncRNA NR2F1-AS1 inhibits the malignant properties of cervical cancer cells via targeting miR-642a-3p/NR2F1 axis

Paulina B. Crespo-Morfin, Carlos A. Aguilar-Salinas, Paloma Almeda-Valdés, Raúl Alfaro-Pastrana, Omar Y. Bello-Chavolla, Jhoana Cano-Castillo, Francisco J. Gómez-Pérez, Ivette Cruz-Bautista
Identification of glucose and insulin patterns during A 5-H glucose tolerance test and association with cardiometabolic risk factors

Yevgeniya Svyryd, Virginia Pascual-Ramos, Irazú Contreras-Yañez, Luís A. Muñoz-Tellez, Leonora Luna-Muñoz, María A. López-Hernández, Adolfo Aguayo-Gómez, Osvaldo M. Mutchinick
Telomeres length variations in a rheumatoid arthritis patients cohort at early disease onset and after follow-up

David Gómez-Ortiz, Adrián M. Garza-Gangemi, Mariano Oropeza-Aguilar, Sergio Rangel-Suárez, Verónica Espinosa-Cruz, Antonio C. Villegas-Hernández, Ricardo Martínez-Martínez, Ricardo A. Castillejos-Molina
Routine systematic prostate biopsies not replaced by magnetic resonance imaging-targeted biopsy

Vianey Ordoñez-Labastida, Luis Montes-Almanza, Froylan García-Martínez, Juan C. Zenteno
Effectiveness of whole-exome sequencing for the identification of causal mutations in patients with suspected inherited ocular diseases